2. One Month to Go

One month today I shall be in Sydney, Australia. A scary thought but a sunny one.
In the mean time I have managed to prise some holidays off of work as well as handing in my notice ( ensuring the holidays were guaranteed, before handing in the notice of course). So with my two weeks off, Andrew and I have had the chance to catch up on all the dates we've missed out on with our busy lives over the last year . With cinema and meals, days out to New Lanark and walks on the beach in Ayr we're having plenty of quality time. Shame, I'm about to jet off to the other side of the world for a year.

Not all fun and games though as I continue to prepare for departure. The phone contract is now cancelled after an interrogation with an O2 customer service man who seemed to think that moving to another country wasn't really an excuse for cancelling. I was even offered an upgrade on my sim only contract which I ignored. However, when my free pay as you go sim to let me keep my number arrived as an iPhone only simcard I all but wonder if my details are wrong on the system and they were about to offer me a brand new iPhone 4. Oh well.

My 'Australia Box' is now filling up with all the bits and bobs and odds and ends I'll be needing for a year on the road and clothes have begun to form a pile for eventual package into a rucksack, which incidentally, I have named Zippy. Its good to give things names.

I've raised a few more pennies by selling various unwanted things that I have collected over the years as Christmas or Birthday presents and eBay is now my friend. Not only because it helps me raise some spending money but for awesome bargains on much needed travel things. Only a few years behind on the eBay revolution but better late than never.

Even with lots done I can't say I'm ready to go yet. The flight return date is not yet set in stone, my Australia railcard has yet to be purchased and I haven't even figured out where i'll be staying when I get there but I have a shiny new toothbrush for my travels and everyone knows that's the most important thing.

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