4. It Took a While But I've Arrived

After two days of non stop travel I have finally arrived in Sydney.

From Glasgow to Sydney is a very long flight which was only made worse by my company on the plane. The first leg (Glasgow - Dubai), I had a rude and shall we say woman of larger stature beside me and a screaming baby in front of me for the whole 8 hour journey. Despite that, the flight wasn't too bad with an awesome in-flight entertainment system; a touch screen TV, movies and a games set, keeping me thoroughly amused.

I also got to share my flight with one of the Scottish Delhi Commonwealth Games teams, though they were an odd mix so I don't know what team they were. 

We arrived in Dubai, where I qualified for a free hotel since it was a 'long stopover' - I disagree with that description. I had 6 hours between flights, it took me an hour to get through passport control before I had to wait for the shuttle bus to the hotel in 35 degree heat. At 1 in the morning might I add. I had to be back at the airport 2 hours before my flight leaving me with 3 hours to nap and have a quick wash at my hotel, which was huge and had the longest corridors I have ever seen.

Never ending corridors in the Dubai Airport Hotel
Dubai to Sydney turned out to be via Bangkok which was unexpected and seemed to have quite rough security as I went through 5 security and passport checks within an hour before getting back on the same plane to Sydney.

From Bangkok we had a new flight crew including a new American pilot who thought it was appropriate to shout "Here we Go!" over the tannoy on take off. At the airport, as it turned out, everyone in my row and the one behind had been upgraded to First Class except me so I wasn't in the best of moods and the constant air turbulence for the remaining 9 hours didn't help. But, finally, I arrived in the sunny land down under - where it was raining, found my bus and arrived in my hostel. After a quick hunt for food I was then unconscious for the remainder of the day having had no sleep in the 3 days previous. I'm in a 4 person dorm so that's not so bad but I have yet to check out all of the hostel, though it seems to have everything including a cinema and a swimming pool on the roof!

So we get to today. This morning I was supposed to meet someone to help me set up my tax number and bank details etc but they were a no show so I had to go in search of them. Turns out its actually tomorrow everything is getting sorted and I was just told the wrong day. However, I found free internet for my troubles so I'm happy. I now have 4 sim cards for my phone and have yet to figure out which is best to use but since I have discovered free internet I can use my skype in the mean time.

The rest of today's plan includes sorting my Medicare card and collecting my railcard before actually getting round to seeing that bridge.

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