The Long Bus Journey to Los Angeles

So after a few days in San Francisco it was time to head to LA to meet up with a camping tour that would leave from there. Cheapest way to get there is my most loathed mode of transport but for $10 I can't complain!

So my trip was via the Megabus and yep $10 from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Definitely a bargain but not the quickest mode of transport. We leave at 8am on a packed bus which is pretty comfy, has plug sockets and free wifi so I'm on to a winner here...apparent from my seat mate. Though harmless she was definitely not the quiet type and I will be in her "#MegabusSelfies" for all time....all 200 of them. Luckily she eventually falls asleep. I ready some book and look at the nothingness scenery outside and eventually we make it to LA 9hrs later.

It's a lot warmer than San Francisco which is a welcome change. I head off to my hostel which is a quite a walk from the bus station but as a treat (but mainly because it was another bargain price) I've booked a double room rather than a dorm as a bit of comfort before embarking two weeks of sleeping rough on this camping trip.

I looks to be a good fortnight taking me through California, Arizona and Nevada. The company provide transport and camping equipment and you get to explore the places public transport couldn't get you. With highlights including both the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park as well as some city spots such as Las Vegas this should be the best way to experience the American great outdoors and some must see attractions on the way while keeping to a tight budget.

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